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Wooden Cross Pulpits
- CC11 Series

Crossmember Crosses custom builds wooden cross pulpits as a single free standing shape of the cross on a three tiered base to match our stock wooden crosses.
Sanctuaries with matching crosses on walls, pulpit crosses, altar crosses and table crosses will enhance the message of the cross.
10% Discount when ordering matching wall cross and pulpit cross.

Purchase Wooden Cross Pulpits

  • Single Layer Beveled Cross With Matching Pulpit - Oak - With Backlighting

Large Photos Of Cross Pulpits

Cross Pulpit Height  Bottom Height of Bible Shelf
54"  41"
56" 43"
58" 45"

 Three Tiered Base Sizes:   16" x 16"   -  16" x 24"
 Bible Shelf  Box:   18"  x 30"   -   17" x  24"


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