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Old Rugged Wooden Crosses Hand Hewn
Rustic Beam Crosses  - CC20 Series

These solid wood heavy weight Oak beam crosses require additional labor to duplicate the hand hewn rustic look of the old rugged beam cross. Thicker and heaver than of our standard traditional crosses for churches.
The beam cross is hand hewn on the front face and all edges. Flat and smooth on the back. 

Heavy Weight Crosses: Large Size Crosses should be mounted by a Contractor.

Mounting Brackets: Mounting brackets holds the cross 3 inches off the wall. B M = Bracket Mount

Mounting Brackets with Back-lighting: Mounting brackets with back-lighting pre-installed on back of cross with power cord.   B M - B L = Bracket Mount - Back-Lighting

For Custom Sizes: Purchase larger cross that is closest to your custom size. Price will be the same.
Example: 52" custom cross. Order 60"
Then email custom size. We will email confirmation of your custom size cross.

Width Thickness Wood Width
2 3/8"
4 1/2"
15 lbs
2 5/8"
25 lbs
66" 39" 2 3/4" 5 1/4" 35 lbs
72" 43"
2 7/8"
5 5/8" 45 lbs
3 1/8" 6"
65 lbs
96" 57"
3 3/8" 6 1/2"

Close up view of hand hewn Oak
Note: Each cross will have different cut marks since all work is done by hand.

 Old Rugged Oak Cross - View Large Image

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