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  Welcome to Crossmember Crosses.  Our extensive wood cross product line has one of the largest selections of wooden cross products on the internet. We specialize in large wooden wall crosses for Church Sanctuaries. Our wood cross product line includes large and small wooden beveled wall crosses, tapered beveled wall crosses, traditional wall crosses, hand hewn old style rugged beam crosses, traditional beam crosses, wooden table crosses, wooden floor crosses, wooden cemetery crosses, wooden cross pulpits, wooden altar crosses, wooden stained glass crosses, witnessing street crosses, scripture verse engraved crosses, and Methodist flame crosses. Our custom wall cross sizes range from 8" to 120", table crosses 8" to 24", and floor and altar crosses 36" to 72". Our handmade wooden cross styles come in single, two, and three layer wood combinations made out of Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Bloodwood, Purpleheart, and various  woods from around the world. Back-lighting with mounting brackets is available for wall crosses 36" to 120".  Our small wooden crosses and table crosses are ideal for that special gift at Christmas and Easter, Baptisms and Awards,  or any other special occasion  that requires a Christian gift that will be cherished and handed down from generation to generation.

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Available for wall & table crosses 8"  to 16"  tall.

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