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Crossmember Crosses. We specialize in large wooden crosses for Christian Church Sanctuaries. We also offer a wide and unique selection of handcrafted Christian wooden cross products. All of our wood cross products are handmade in the U.S. from  solid  wood from God's forest by the gifts and abilities that He has given us. We build Large and Small Wall Crosses with Optional Back-lighting, and Table Crosses, Altar Floor Crosses, Pulpit Crosses, Cemetery Crosses and Exterior Crosses in stock and custom sizes.

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  Quick View All Wood Cross  Products Wooden Wall Crossees - Beveled and Tradtional - 15 Styles - 8" up to 120" Tall Wooden Table Crosses - 5 Styles -  8" up to  24" Tall Wooden Altar Table Crosses Wooden Altar Floor Crosses - Beveled and Tradtional - 36"- 60"- 72" Wooden Cross Pulpits - Beveled And Traditional Unfinished Mahogany Cemetery Crosses With Mounting Stake Optional Backlighting For Wooden Wall Crosses Customer  Photos Of Our Wood Cross Products Small Wooden Gift Crosses       

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