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Specializing In Large Church Wall Crosses

 Welcome to Crossmember Crosses. Crossmember Crosses specializes in large wall crosses for church sanctuaries. All of our wood cross products are handmade out of solid wood from God's forest. Cross product sizes range from 8" up to 96" tall. Our extensive wood cross product line includes beveled, traditional, and multi-layer large and small wooden wall crosses, wooden table crosses, wooden cross pulpits, and wooden altar floor crosses. Cross enhancing Back-lighting optional. Our wood cross styles also include decorative wood crosses with stained glass inserts as well as the symbolic Old Rugged Style Beam Cross. Our decorative wood cross products have been purchased by Christian churches, homes, schools, chapels, funeral homes, and hospitals all across the United States since 2005. Our small wooden crosses and table crosses are ideal for those special cross gifts at Christmas and Easter, Baptisms and Awards, and any other special occasion that requires a Christian cross gift that will be cherished and handed down from generation to generation. 

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